Monday, August 3, 2015

Best for Last!

Hello family!

This is kind of a weird feeling, sending my last email before I come home . . . To be completely honest, it still hasn`t REALLY hit me that I`ll see y'all next week. Maybe that`s good? Hope so.

Anyway, the weeks here still just keep getting better and better. It`s making it REALLY hard to accept that I leave in a week. We have a TON of new people we`re working with. On average over these past 3-4 weeks we`ve had about 5 solid new people. Maybe for other missions that seems like nothing, but honestly, a good week here is usually 3 or 4. So to have so many every week for a month straight, that`s really saying something. Hna Mendez and I are pretty much working our butts off. 

The elders from our neighboring ward sent us a reference for a less active member who`s been going to their ward for about a month. We went and found him, his name`s Henry by the way, and started teaching him and his parents, Oscar and Nancy. INCREDIBLE family. We had our appointment with them Friday night and they all came to church with us yesterday for the full three hours. They have both expressed the desire to be baptized. They`ve given us other references to teach. Great family and happy missionaries. 

It almost doesn`t seem fair to me how great the work is going right now. Los Incas is the strongest it`s ever been. They tell you to give it your all, work hard and truly love the people, then you just have to leave. And they don`t pay $800 for you to go back and visit. Until yesterday, almost nobody in our ward knew that I was leaving. I started to tell people because yesterday was the last day I was going to go to our ward because next Sunday I`ll be traveling. Saying it out loud and seeing peoples` reactions just for one day confirms that this next week is going to be harder than any other. Los Incas is a HARD sector, but I`ve really come to learn to love it. Hopefully I get to travel tomorrow (oh, FYI, I`m in Cusco right now again...) so that I don`t lose more time than absolutely necessary. I can promise you tho, even if it`s the hardest, it`s going to be the best!!

Love you all. Maybe I`ll get to email next week, but I doubt it. If not, I`ll see you next Wednesday!

Hast luego!

Hna Condie

It smelled so good I guess she couldn't even take her eyes of it :)

Yay! Cooking with friends!