Monday, August 11, 2014

One Third?!

Holy moly. 6 months gone. Excited for the next year!!!

Don`t have much to say this week. Remember how last week I told you that we went to every single cita that we had and it was incredible?? Weellllllllll, this week was a complete 180º turn... we literally only had one or two lessons every day. But, I learned something. When we have good weeks full of appointments and great things, we`re good. When we have really slow weeks with lots of walking and not a lot of teaching, we`re still good. As long as we`re really trying and doing all we can to serve the Lord we can finish a hard day or a hard week feeling like we`ve done our part.

I feel a little lame because I don`t really have much else to say. We`re still excited and getting ready for the wedding!! That`s the most exciting thing happening right now. Sometimes it`s hard and frustrating, but ALWAYS worth every second. 

KEEP GOING WITH THE BOOK OF MORMON!! (little Spanish treat)
Estoy leyendo también. Quiero leer el Libro de Mormón uno vez cada seis meses. Voy a empanzar mañana otra vez!! Podemos leer juntos :)


Just a  really cool wall that I liked!

Hna. Nelson made a new friend

Best pizza in Peru!

Once upon a time we woke up at 6:306:35 we heared the bread cart honking the horn outside our house. Hna Nelson looked at me and kinda yelled "lets go buy bread so we can make french toast!!" So we threw on the closest clothes we had and ran outside, may or may not have chased him down the street. We came back and just had to laugh that we ran down the street looking like this. For bread. To make french toast.   :)

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