Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun in Puerto

Hello all! Just another week here in good ol` Puero. Nothing crazy to report. Progress is going well! Jhasmina and Yersin and ready and excited to get married!! I think I`ve told you about them, no?? I hope so. If not, sorry, but we`re super excited for them. Everyone else is doing great. A little too great. But I`m not complaining :)

More than anything, I`ve really been working on goals this week. We make goals every day/week/month as missionaries, but I`m trying really hard to actually set goals that matter. I`ll keep you updated on the progress. I was thinking of something that I could do, and I want to send a letter home to myself with everything that I "accomplished" on my mission. A list of thing I want to do and by the time I get home I`ll have finished. The letter is a sort of "look at all these things you just did" but from the future if that makes sense. So heads up for that and keep it safe for me for the next year. 

Sorry this is a kind of lame letter again... But again and as always, I love you all!
Have a super duper week!!

Pday = get fat day

Yup, get fat day is my favorite!

Amo Maria!

That's an unfortunate name . . .

Puerto before the storm

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