Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Loving Peru!

Loving Peru!!
First, I'll answer Mom's questions.
1. We eat rice and chicken every single day. Meals with a little variety are the best things ever. Honestly the highlight of the cafeteria is when they pull out the self serve ice cream!  Overall its good. Minus the fact that it makes everybody a little bit sick . . . esta bueno.

2. I have three teachers. Two of them speak very little English, but the girl speaks fluently. She never speaks to us in English tho so it doesn't really matter. I only figured that out because she was trying to make one of the hermanas feel better, and that was difficult in Spanish. But I really like all of them. The language is coming along. It's hard, but Im trying.

3. We went out on Saturday and did real missionary work. They paired all the Noth Americans with a Latino and we just started walking the streets of a super poor neighborhood. It was incredible to see. Houses build out of literally nothing except sticks, fabric and cardboard. Some houses had only one room with a sheet separating the living\bedroom and the kitchen\bathroom. Not all of them were that bad, but it was crazy. It was so frustrating tho. I had so much that I wanted to say but I didnt know how to say any of it. I may or may not have broken down in tears in the middle of someones living room . . . But it was a cool experience. Terrifying. But cool.

4. They actually don't give us Spanish scriptures anymore! Everybody else had to buy some last week on pday. Dodged that bullet.

5. The singing was muy bien! I've actually done two more musical numbers since then. Its been fun!
What else? I already said this, but I'm serioulsy in love with my district. They're all so fun and we all work together so well. The advanced group and the Latinos left this morning, so we're all very excited to get new people in this week! Im excited to not be the babies anymore. But crazy to think that I'm now intermediate. Ahhhhh!!

Love you!! Tell everyone hello for me!
 Out and about in Lima 
 District 106  (Amie's training group)
 MIssionaries going to Cusco
 Lima Temple
The Cusco group again . . . and Amie being her happy self :)

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