Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another great week!

Haha I`ll start with the monkey! He is a pet of one of the children in the picture. We were in the other sector for the day because Hna Sanchez didn`t have her companion. I don`t know the kids that well. But yeah! It`s completely normal to see people walking around with their pet monkeys on their shoulders. They have leashes and everything. Cool, huh?

Ok. Well, this week was another great week. Great lessons. Great weather- cold enough for a blanket AND pants at night and a jacket during the day!! **mom note: I keep Puerto Maldonado on my weather app.  It was in the 70's last week, 60's at night

Great interview with President Harbertson. Just great :)
There was a great quote that Pte. Harbertson gave us that I was going to send, but I left it in my room. I`ll send it next week. It was something about, in order to become who and what we want to become we have to live every day as if we are already that person. He also talked to us about faith and the different levels of faith that we can have. Most people have a hopefull faith, hoping that what they pray for will happen or that they will meet their goals, etc. But he told us that we should strive for more of an expectant faith. Expecting, not just hoping, that we will see the things we are working for happen. Yes, sometimes Heavenly Father's will or others agency (I`ve talked about that before) gets in the way, but that shouldn`t stop us from having a stronger, firmer faith in the things we are doing. I`m so lucky to have him as my president. I`m convinced he`s going to be an apostle someday.

As for investigators and such, we have three with a baptism date!! One girl has her date for this next Saturday! She told us yesterday that she has a training thing all next weekend so we might have to push it back a week. BUT, we`re "expecting" it to still happen this weekend :)
The other two are a mom and her son. I don`t remember if I`ve told you about them yet or not. But, we`ve only been teaching them for 2-3 weeks. He is only 13 but he knows SO much and has an incredible desire to learn more and do more in the gospel. I call him the Joseph Smith of Puerto. Only 13 but has a desire stronger than most adults (or anybody really) that I know. It`s been a cool experience to teach them. 

We have another investigator that taught me something this week. Before this Saturday he had no interest. No desire to pray, to read, nothing. We only get to talk to him becuase his sister in law is the girl getting baptized this week. But we were just walking by on Saturday and he was sitting outside so we stopped to chat. He said that he wasn`t doing too well because of work and some other things going on right now. Lots of trials. But he was so ready to listen to us. Excited to pray after we talked and he asked about church before we even brought it up. Just reminded me that we are ALWAYS recieving blessing, sometimes disquised as trials. Without whatever he`s going thru right now, he wouldn`t have stopped to listen. He recognized that we were always smiling and happy, and it took this trial for him to realize that he needed something else. He needed what we have. I don`t have much more to tell you about him, but I`ll keep you updated :)

Anyway, running short on time. Again. But I love you all!

We weren't prepared for the cold!

I was really wet and cold! The investigator we were visiting brought me a towel to use as a blanket :)
Hna. Ruiz kept saying I looked like a grandma . . .

. . . So I did this! I think it's safe to say I'm the weirder one of the two of us.

This is what happens when it's cold in Puerto

This family is getting baptized in three weeks! Also, notice the coats and cardigans.

Mi amor. Getting baptized this Saturday!!

This is Liz.  She likes to come out with us every now and then. (She's preparing for her mission  . . . in two years) She was sad that she didn't have a plaque (name tag) so Hna. Ruiz let her borrow hers for a little bit.


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