Monday, May 12, 2014

What's up?


First of all, for all the bloggers out there, sorry that I missed you last week. It was a little crazy. And sorry in advance for not having pictures this week. The computer I`m on doesn`t have a place for a USB :( didn`t even know that was possible. But whatever.

Let`s see. What to say?? I don`t have much because I got to talk to you yesterday. Most of the things I wanted to say were attached with pictures (like the monkey). 

Really there`s not that much. This week was rough. Lots of walking. Not a lot of teaching. We make appointments with people that don`t really mean anything. If they`re there, great, MAYBE we will teach them. But a lot of the time, and especially this week, they`re not there at all. So yeah, that`s cool...

One fun thing from this week was Hna. Ruiz`s enthusiasm for English phrases. Her favorites that she`s picked up from me are "what`s up" but she says it more like WUZZZUP and "sweet dude." It`s pretty funny.
This is a lame letter. I know. But next week when I can send pictures it`ll be cooler. I promise.

Love you all! Thanks for all you do for me :)

**Mom note: We had a wonderful chat with Amie yesterday for Mother's Day.  We got to Skype with her and all the other kids at the same time - mom heaven! She looks good - very curly hair in all the humidity. She bore her testimony for us in Spanish. Made me cry! - her Spanish is really very good! So proud of her :)

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