Monday, June 2, 2014

Danny & Michael

So I picked up two new amigos this week. I call them Danny (I got chiillllls, they´re multipyin´) and Michael (FEVER in the morning, fever all thru the night). They´re great. Really. The first day I was sick wasn´t too bad. The second day we called the elders and asked for a blessing so that I could be healthy for the baptism the next day. I felt better, but not 100%. We worked thru all of it until yesterday. I was trying SO hard to push thru until pday, but my body just gave out and we had to stay home and sleep all day yesterday after church :/ But I´m feeling betterish. 

Don´t have a lot of great stories from this week because of my cold. BUT, we did have the baptism!!! We talked to her Thursday and she told us that she prayed and felt dumb for even considering pushing it back a week. Thank goodness for the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost, right? It was a beautiful baptism. She was just glowing!

I feel lame for not having more to say, but really this week is kind of a blur to me... But all is well. Two more weeks of training then who knows what!!

Oh yeah! And we all get one more hour for interent now! Not for email tho. For Family Search! So if you have anything that you can send me (pictures, stories, dates and names if you can find them) that would be great :)

I love you all. I love hearing about home. I´m glad everything with the house is working out and things are happening. Thanks for everything you do for me :)


"A" before the baptism!

We visited the "Eiffel Tower of Puerto" for pday last week.  Gives Paris a run for its money . . .

This is "R" and her new puppy. He didn't have a name so we started calling him Pinky because he kind of looks like the rat from Pinky and the Brain.  We came back the next day and the kids on the street were calling him Pinky too.  Haha it stuck!

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