Monday, April 28, 2014

Agency . . .

... can be a bummer sometimes.

Let me explain.

I´ve been here long enough to not just be the" new missionary" anymore. I can see how people are changing and progressing. It´s really cool to actually feel like I´m a part of missionary work now and not just struggling and learning Spanish and stuff like that. We have a couple really strong investigators and less active members right now.  Every time I think they´re on the brink of something, they don´t come to church or they go out drinking or whatever thing they decide to do or not do. Sometimes I wish I could just drag them and make them do the things we tell them to do!!! This is for THEIR benefit but they don´t follow thru!!! And it´s frustrating! I´m told the people here are really slow when it comes to progression and conversion. I´m trying to be more patient. It´s hard when you know how much the gospel can bless them and help them yet they refuse to take action and do something! Let me just say also that I´m so grateful for our family. The the example that you and Dad give to us and the strength that we have because you raised us with the gospel in our lives. 

Another more possitive note from this week, I had a thought. I was getting a little tired of my companion. As missionaries, we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We are taught that WE should act as such also. But I flipped it. My companion is just as much a representative of Him as I am. So the thought is, would I treat Him differently than I treat or think about her?? Food for thought.

Events from this week...
President and Sister Harberson came and talked to all of us on Tuesday. First of all, I was asked to play prelude music, and I was more than happy to do so. They ended up being an hour late, so I got to play for about an hour and a half. It was actually really nice! I miss just being able to sit at the piano and play. 

We went to an appointment one night, but the guy we were supposed to teach wasn´t there. His grandma was in the back peeling a bunch of potatoes tho, so we stayed to help. Side note, these people don´t have kitchens or kitchen supplies. And it was night. If you ever need a good object lesson about light or tools or something, have people try peeling potatoes in the dark without a potatoe peeler... It was rough. But it was fun :)

Lets see. Ok, Julia´s weekly winner!!! (my landlord´s food) One morning she invited us out for a glass of apple juice. Hearing that, I was pretty excited for something normal. Nope. We go out and it´s apple milk. I think? Nice and warm, chucky, apple flavored whipped cream something or other. Can´t even have a nice glass of apple juice where I live...
One more great food story! For lunch yesterday we had "Juane" - a JUNGLE SPECIALTY. It´s wrapped in a large leaf (about the size of two pieces of normal sized paper). I was nervous in an excited way when I saw it. Not rice and chicken, but uhhhh.... anyway, when you open the leaf, there´s a huge clump...

... of rice and chicken.

They kept asking me if I thought it was good. If we had it in the U.S. or not. I didn´t even know how to respond. Their jugle specialty is the same thing we eat for every meal of every day. It´s all good. At least it wasn´t llama feet or something.

I might start teaching English classes here! EVERYBODY wants to learn English, so we think it might be a good way to get investigators involved and introduce more people to the church. We´re running it by our zone leader today. So I´ll keep you updated on that.
Anyway, overall I´m doing well. Only one more change until my training is over!!! 


*** Mom note: Amie made a list of things from home she misses for whenever we send packages. It's expensive to send packages.  The best way to send a package is in a padded envelope - it goes through customs better. The best way to send letters is through the pouch service.  You can also send a true hand written letter to the pouch address in Salt Lake. Thanks for all the support you all give her!
Small hand sanitizer
Mints if you´re feeling really generous
More stickers
HAND WRITTEN LETTERS (and more pictures??) 

Good day! . . . hair down for about 5 seconds


Riding in luxury vehicles after a great FHE
We went to the zoo

First time in my life I've been the tallest!

We scraped this lady's house so we could repaint it.

I felt like Hulk because I was covered in green!


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