Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Than Greatful

Hello family!

As for the week, normal week. Meaning it was actually pretty fantastic! It`s amazing to me how the Lord looks out for us and blesses us every single day.
The big topic for the week is still Jhasmina and Yersin. I`ll tell a little bit more I guess. She comes from an LDS family, but they were all inactive up until recently and he started investigating the church when we came to find her. INCREDIBLE family/couple. It took my first 3 transfers here befor anything really happened. They've really changed.  I`ll start with "the talk."

Hna. Nelson and I had a SERIOUS talk with them a little bit ago. We were trying to figure out what they were expecting to happen and if they were really willing to do the things they needed to to change. Before that talk there was no reading or praying going on. He would still leave every Saturday to drink with his friends, and the home in general was just stressful and choatic. Something snapped, and seriously the changes that we`ve seen in them cannot be described. They pray and read together every night. We come over and they`re happy and smiling and excited to talk. Seriously, EVERYTHING is better in their lives now thanks to the gospel and those little things they`re doing. He even called us the other night and asked for a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon while he was sitting outside of work with nothing to do (1, wanted EXTRA reading to do and 2, he carries his Book of Mormon around with him to work. I love it).
Anyway, so they are getting married this Saturday!!!!! Woooooo!!! And he`s getting baptized right after the wedding before the party. I have never seen somebody so happy and excited in my entire life. And to see the change in him, well, in both of them really, is a huge blessing to me. It really shows me how much of a difference the gospel can make in a home. It`s incredible.
So yeah, we are planning and putting together the wedding. Heads up for pictures next week!!

Really this week has helped me to really realize how much I love the gospel. I`ve always loved the gospel, and I`ve always known I`ve loved the gospel, but I`ve actually sat and thought about it this week. It`s perfect. And it`s all here for anybody and everybody who is willing to listen and accept it. I know it`s true and there really isn`t anything greater in the whole world. I`ve been lucky and blessed enough to have had it for my entire life, and I love being a part of sharing it with other people around the world.

Happy and grateful.

Other news we`ve learned recently just to put some things in perspective...
// There are 782 less active members in our branch boundaries alone.
// In the whole mission, there are 5,000 return missionaries. Of those 5,000, 4,500 are less active.

Yeah. We have our work cut out for us here.
No time to rest. Lets go!

Love you all! Thanks for all you do and are!

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