Monday, November 17, 2014

Meet Victor

My focus for this week´s letter is a man named Victor. He´s a member in our ward. He got baptized about 2 years ago, and he is incredible!! 

He can barely walk, but he never makes that an excuse to not go to church. 
He can´t see out of one eye, but he still loves to read the scriptures and never misses a day. 
He loves to joke and laugh and he makes everybody around him happy even though his life is one of the hardest I´ve seen. 

He´s really lonely and rejected by a lot of people, but he´s so happy because he knows that the gospel is true and he´s so grateful to have it in his life now. We got to visit him a couple times this week, and every time I´m just in awe about how much I can learn from him. 

We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him during one of our visits because he said he was having trouble understanding it. So we read, and every single verse he stopped us and expained what he understood and asked us to help him understand more. The funny part is that he probably taught us more about this chapter than we did for him. 

And he´s a funny guy! Every time he talks I can´t help but just smile. I asked him if we could take this picture together so that I could show all my friends and family who is was. His immediate response was, "please, you just want everyone in the United States to know how handsome your friend Victor is!" After laughing and telling him to smile big and with teeth for the picture, he told me that that would be impossible because he lost all of his teeth several years ago. Laughing the whole time. I love him so much. Whenever I need a good pick me up I try to go stop by his house. 

Another random little side note, when I wouldn´t tell him what my first name was he just shrugged it off and told me that from now on I would be known as Margarot. So, every time I see him now he calls me Margarot, not Hermana Condie. It´s cool.

So that´s Victor. My new BFF.

This was a great week! 

Hna Sanchez got the green light to work again so we´ve been out all day every day and working hard! Somehow, NOBODY was home for basically the entire week. So we didn´t get a whole lot of teaching in. But it still felt SO good to be out and working with a real companion again! It makes me kind of sad that in two weeks we might change. Hoping that I can have at least one full change with Hna Sanchez. She´s a pretty incredible missionary. One of the strongest people I know. Phyisically, emotionaly, spiritually. All of the above. It´s been great :)

Also, tomorrow we have a huge conference with almost all the missionaries in the whole mission with Elder Evans from the 70! I´m pretty stoked!!!

Love you all. Have another great week in Blackfoot! Sounds like you´re all loving it :)


P.S. How´s everybody doing on the Book of Mormon challenge?? Been a while since I´ve asked.

This is Victor

TBT to my favorite Peruvian child in the whole world!

Night out!

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