Monday, November 24, 2014

Moving Trucks and Bucket Showers

What a week. No hot water. No gas to cook food. No elders to help move a family. But one of the best weeks we´ve had in a while!

Started with our conference with Elder Evans. He talked about a lot of really cool things, but the focus was a lot about finding new people. Working with members, contacting on the street, and the real "how to" for all of hit. We put it to the test this week, and I gotta say, those general authorities know what they´re talking about. 

Usually contacting and following through goes something like this:

// Meet on the street and talk for about 2 minutes about who we are and ask if we can come by and teach them and their family sometime.
// They say yest, we get their info, make a cita and call it good.
// Call ahead and stop by the day of the cita. 90% of the time they´re not there and we can never find them again...

This week changed tho. The first process is about the same, just a little bit more directed to every single person personally. Can´t say that the success rate is up to 100%, but it´s definitely better! We are teaching 2 new families and 2 other people from contacting alone this week. And they seem pretty solid. I´m excited to see what happens with them!

All in all, it was a great week. This week taught the most lessons since I´ve been here. I LOVE working with Hna Sanchez. She´s an amazing teacher and we have a lot of fun together! I have to stop talking every now and then because I give her athsma attacks from laughing so hard... Don´t know if I´d say that´s a good thing or a bad thing. But the point is that I love every moment with her. I´m a little nervous that they´ll take one of us out next week. Fingers crossed for no :)

Really there´s nothing huge to report. Just that I´m happy and working :)
Love you all! 


P.S. I finished the Book of Mormon this week!!!! Lo maximo.

CCM or MTC reunion

Hna Condie & Hna Sanchez 
(*she didn't title the pictures this week so I'm guessing)

old fashioned floor waxing?
(I remember from my mission)

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