Monday, March 16, 2015

Short Email

Sorry, I spent more time than I realized writing President. Sooo, don´t have much time. But, this was a great week! The first half of the week we spent in Cusco/on buses to and from Cusco for consilio. As always, listening to Pte. Harbertson was definitely the highlight of everything that happened this week! Won´t go into details about what we talked about, but let's just say that I´m very grateful to be in this mission. It´s definitely not the easiest mission in the world, but the work is moving forward like crazy! Leaders and members are really getting on board, and the things that are happening are exciting!

The second half of the week in Puno was pretty normal. Vicki officially has a baptism date for the 28th! She´s more than ready, but has to go out of town again for some things so we have to wait a week.  Pretty excited about that! People are progressing well. Every now and then we have setbacks, but as missionaries we just have to accept it and get back up. We also have to keep a good attitude and the "ganas" to keep going. Honestly, thinking about it, there are SO many little things that, when put together, make being a missionary really hard. But at the same time, if we´re looking, there are so many miracles every day too. The trick is just focusing on the miracles and not the setbacks. Yes, acknowledge the setbacks and the things that we need to improve, but focus on the good and always be grateful. 

That was a little tangent, but just what´s going through my mind. Really, it was just a good week across the board. Hna Valverde turned 22 yesterday! Had a great little party with smashing eggs and throwing flour and tres leches cake. No complaints. But she made it very clear that I need to be prepared for what´s going to happen to me next week because of it . . . :) 

Love you all. Sorry I have to cut it a little short again today. Keep me updated on babies and marriages and jobs and missions and all that other mundane stuff that y'all are deciding to do while I´m gone ;)


Condie Birthday Letter tradition continues!

Happy Birthday Hna Valverde!! Peru has this tradition that they smash eggs and throw flour on you on your birthday. First time I´ve done it all out :)

Consilio - (leadership meeting)

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