Thursday, April 2, 2015

3/23 Up Hill Both Ways

Hello to HONDURAS! That`s so fun. Start planning another trip so that I can come too :) Sounds like yall are having the time of your lives.

As for me, this has been a crazy week. The title can be interpretted literally and figuratively. For starters, we went on our first sister leader divisions! *missionary spilts It was so fun. It just so happened that the girls I was going to visit all stayed in their own sectors while Hna Valverde stayed in Los Incas with the others. I took for granted how flat our sector is... pure hills in the other girls` sectors. My legs were burning all week. But it was a really cool expirence. I`m tired out of my mind, but I learned a lot. I feel like I`m a sister leader more so that I can learn from them, not the other way around. I`m very blessed to be in charge of the girls that I`m in charge of. No drama. No problems. Just working hard and keeping my job easy :)

For the figurative part of uphill both ways, this was a HARD week in our sector. Satan is working hard with us right now. From people spitting on us and calling me stupid to our investigators with baptism dates dropping like flies, it was a little rough for us. Vicki, I`m 99% sure I told you about her last week, dropped off the grid randomly yesterday. I wasn`t there all week for the lessons with her, but Hna Valverde told me that she was doing great. Excited and preparing for the 28th. All of a sudden she`s mad at us and doesn`t want to talk to us, making up excuses so that she doesn`t have to talk to us. We`re a little confused, but we`ll work it out. Maybe she won`t get baptised next Saturday, but someday. 

Just lots of other random things popping up out of the blue this week. BUT, lets talk about the good things! :)

We went on splits with the primary kids and the young women this week. They both had "be a missionary for a day" activities. It was really cool! The two primary girls that we were with (sending picture) taught the whole lesson. Hna Valverde and I didn`t say a single word. The power of the testimony of a child is incredible. We visited an investigor that we are teaching.  I`m pretty sure that they taught her about prayer WAY better than we could have. Brought tears to everyone`s eyes. 

Luzmila came to church yesterday!!! The less active sister I told you about a couple weeks ago. COMPLETELY turning her life around. She`s not drinking, she`s working more, helping her son with his school work and everything. It`s only been what, two weeks? It`s amazing how the gospel can change someonès life around when they`re willing. I`m so grateful to be able to see it working in her and all the people we`re working with! 

So, hard week, but again, just trying to focus on the good. Some days it`s harder than others, but the good is always there.

Oh! One more thing before I go. I get to go to Cusco this week!!! My ID expired, so I have to go to renew it. I get to go one day after my birthday :) :) Excited to go visit people AND I`ll probably get my package!

Love you all! That`s for all the support. Have fun in Honduras :)


After divisions with the hermanas. All but two are here. We took them out for pizza so they could de-stress a little bit.

Divisions with the primary kids :)

These kids were following us with their tires. I turned around and started a race between the two of them. We ran about a quater mile with their tires :) I gave them stickers before we left. Instead of just taking one, they each took a whole sheet... I might need more stickers.

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