Monday, June 15, 2015

6/1 Holy Moly!


This was the epitomy of a crazy week. We had to sent one of the sisters home at the beginning of the week because she has some major problems with her leg. Not a happy way to start off the week, but I´m hoping she´ll be able to come back out in a couple months. We sent four other sisters with her to Cusco to do some papers for their visas and such. Hna McMahon was the only other sister still here with us in Puno, so we got to be in a trio with her. There was (another) strike here so none of the buses were running, so none of the sisters could come back and Hna McMahon spent basically the whole week with us, Fun, but exhuasting to be running back and forth between two sectors all week. Meetings with leaders. Money not coming out for the month. Construction in the chapel and having church 20 away in car. Just a lot of random things put together to make this a super hectic week. But, now it´s a new week and we can try to breathe again!

¡My big news! Actaully, I still can´t tell you... sorry. It got postponed and I´m literally not allowed to tell you until after it happens. Nothing too, too crazy. But something I´ve been waiting for for a good chunk of time now.

I´m sorry this is really short. I spent a long time catching up on reading emails that I´ve had just sitting in my inbox for months. Tell everyone hello for me. 

Love you all!

Hna Condie

Family Home Evening.  Like our makeup?

They are huge fans of my stickers!

We love Jhutmay!

Another emergency sister leader pizza visit.

Service project!

They weren't really feeling the green wall either I guess.
* I think she's referring to your green wall - Clay and Alisha

Basically spent the whole week with this clown, Hna McMahon!

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