Monday, May 25, 2015

Can't Keep From Smiling!

Well, I´d say that this was a pretty super duper week! Apart from some emergency sister leader runs to the hospital with some missionaries and freezing my buns off every night instead of sleeping, definitely a week for the books.

The highlight of the week was Nelly´s baptism! We visited her a couple days before and asked her how she was feeling. She told us she felt terrible because she "did something." First thoughts went straight to word of wisdom or law of chastity. She looked back up at us and told us that she lost her temper with her son´s teacher and yelled at her a little bit. Relieved, we talked to her about it and kept getting ready for Saturday

Saturday was a little crazy. Long story short, she lost her job for coming to her baptism. She got there about an hour late (along with the bishop and all the members though, so it´s ok I guess. . .). I could go on for hours about all the bad things that happened to her that morning, but to keep it short I´ll just say that a lot of really hard things happened to her that morning. Things that maybe would have kept me from coming if they happened to me. Luckily though, Nelly is a lot stronger than me and came without hesitation. It was one of the most powerful baptisms I´ve ever been in. Regardless of everything, she was happy and strong. Sunday, after she got confirmed a member, she turned to me and just said, "I feel happy." I maybe teared up a little bit. Basically she´s incredible and I´m still learning so much from her every day.

I have another really, REALLY great, umm, noticia? note? *news? I don´t remember. But, I can´t tell you yet. But I´m really excited so I have to at least say that. Just know that next week is going to be another really good email :)

Other than that, good, normal week. Happy and working as always. There´s going to be (another) strike this week. Don´t know how big it will be but pray that it´s not too bad so that we can keep working.

Love you all!

Hna Condie

My favorite brothers

Us trying to figure out how to turn the stove on for twenty minutes before the baptism . . .

Nelly got baptized!

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