Monday, April 7, 2014

Call Me Mogli

Again, where to start?! Talk about a roller coaster kind of week.

Puerto is definitely an interesting place. The first couple days were a shock. Families of four jump on motorcycle taxis, it´s not uncommon to have the family pig at your feet and playing with the babies during lessions, having water and light is a 50/50 chance every day, and all sorts of other things! Hermana Ruiz asks me all the time how things compare to the US. I think my favorite question that she asked me was whether or not we have potholes. It´s a different place. But I´m tying to get used to it and love it. It´s hard when it´s 1000000000 degrees and your whole body aches from all the bugbites (I have somewhere around 70-80 right now. They say it´s because I´m white...). But it´s good. The people in general are very nice and willing to listen.

The food is getting better. Cusco made me sick, but we have an incredible pensionista! She gives us enough food for the entire week in one meal, but it´s all good. I´m known as the gringa that doesn´t eat around her house. Even tho I eat as much as I possibly can. She´s super nice tho and understands. I´m lucky. I heard most of them would get mad. And I love her kids! Her son, Diego, shoots me with his wrists like Spiderman every time we come over. Funny kid.

More spitirtual stuff. I don´t understand a lot of the lessons, but I can sometimes put in a couple words. One lesson we had we were talking about prayer and how to communicate with God and the importance of it. Our investigator said he didn´t want to because he didn´t have the words to say, or he didn´t know what to talk about. I got to say something about how I feel that way every time I try to pray in Spanish, not  having the words. But God is our Father and He wants to talk to us. So that was cool.  We have another investigator who we taught for the first time last night. Stubborn at first, but by the end you could tell he was feeling something.
And lots of others that I could tell about but don´t have time for. 

Conference! Missionary Christmas! I got to listen in English with four other Americans. It was a great break from Spanish and everything else going on. I´m kicking myself for not lovnig it more when I was home. I seriously wish every week was conference!

Ummm, what else. Hermana Ruiz is wonderful. The other gringos always tell me how lucky I am to have her. She´s patient and so kind. She´s trying to learn English too, so we help eachother out. Couldn´t have asked for a better trainer.

That´s a good summary for the week. Overall, it´s hot. I don´t understand. But I love my companion, and I´m tryng to stay happy! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

I love you all! I miss you more than you can imagine!
Have a fantasitc week :)
Just found this turtle in the house

Luciana "I'm the gringa with the red hair"

This is Diego in his Spiderman outfit that he puts on every time I come over

Welcome to the main road in Puerto!

This is where I live


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  1. I've got to let the girls start reading her blog! What a great example!:). Go Amy! The language will come! Work hard! Keep the faith! And go girl!!! You are awesome!