Monday, April 14, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Ok! This week! So there´s been a huge strike going on since we got here. As a result, we have no money and it's a little bit dangerous. Not crazy tho, don´t worry. We spent four days sitting in our room this week (I haven´t been to our branch yet). Lots of studying and sleeping and talking and other missionary type stuff. So sorry but there´s not a lot to report this week.

I'm starting to actually participate in lessons a little bit more. I still struggle to understand when they go off talking, but for the most part I can follow and put in my two cents. Hna Ruiz has had to save me a couple times, but for the most part it´s good!

Two stories:
1) We finally got to leave our room yesterday. We were walking down the street and this lady yells to us, runs over and grabs my arm. She started bawling and talking right up in my face. I had no idea what was going on so I just let her cling to me while Hna Ruiz talked to her. Afterwards, Hna Ruiz explained what happened. Apparently she heard that we could save her soul and started confessing a bunch of stuff to us. Sooo, yeah, that was exciting. We have an appointment with her this week.

2) While we were walking home last night this guy on a motor cycle sees us and yells "elders!" so we stopped and looked at him. He started talking and I immediately felt absolutely terrible. I couldn´t understand anything he said, but he seemed interested in talking with us. I was confused. About a minute into takling with us he started opening his shirt and saying weird things. We booked it. Just thought it was cool how I could feel that he wasn´t good news even tho he seemed more interested than most people we try to talk to. 

Other business. Spoiler: WE GET TO SKYPE FOR MOTHER´S DAY!!!! so send me your skype name so I have it beforehand. don´t know exactly how it works, but be prepared! Also, I got the package!!!! Thank you so much. I may or may not have started bawling when I looked thru the pictures. And I love the music! Thanks :) Oh, and I especially love the pickle card... y'all are so thoughtful.

Ok, questions...
We have a lady that does our laundry. We didn´t do it last week because of the strike, but she´s super sweet. Her husband is investiating the church right now. Cool family. Two cute little girls!

Chicken and rice CADA DIA! But, our pensionista is incredible. I don´t know what I´m gonna do when I have a new one... As for being thin, don´t worry about it. Walking around in the jungle is quite the workout. It´s healthy, I promise! And I eat what is appropriate. No worries :)  

I have not met the ward yet... BUT, Hna Ruiz has already told me that I´ll be playng piano and that I´m talking in sacrament meeting the first time I go. There´s an "invisible" ward of about 500 people who just disappeared, and we´re trying to find all of them and get them back and their records in the right wards and whatnot. Pretty crazy. 

As for the teaching/contacting, a little bit of everything. Mostly working with inactive members around here, but we have a couple good investigators and we contact whenever plans fall thru. Unfortunately that's more often than I would like. But it´s fine.

Our zone has 22 elders and 4 sisters and I LOVE THEM! We get to see them every now and then, but not often. We do see the other set of hermanas every pday. 

Anyway, hopefully this baro [strike] stops and I have more stories for next week! Love you and miss you all!

Just your typical p-day!

Dos Meses!

It's coolish outside :)

After walking in the rain! Never been so grateful for rain in my life!

Rain, rain go away . . . NEVER!

The novelty of an umbrella :)

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