Monday, April 21, 2014

Don't mind me. I just found a parrot!

We´ll start with the spiritual events from the week. 

1) We have a couple/family that we are working with right now. He is a member but hasn´t been to church in years. She is an investigator and has a really good grasp on the gospel and wants to do more. The first time I met them (my first day here actually) it took us about 10 minutes to get him to say the prayer, and when he finally did it was super simple and routine-like (if that makes sense). We had FHE (Family Home Evening)  with them and a family from the branch and the dad asked him to say the closing prayer. I was expecting a bit of a fight like always, but he willing said the prayer and it was BEAUTIFUL. Also, the whole fmaily was at church yesterday!! WOOOOO! 

2) We have another family in the same sort of situation. She is a less active and he is investigating. We set a baptism date with him yesterday!!!!

Those are the two big ones. Other than that, lots of teaching and walking and trying to meet up with people. Overall, good. It´s cool to finally see people progress and things happen. The first week or so it was not knowing what´s going on or who these people really are. Missionary work is pretty cool!! Even when you don´t speak the language, the spirit speaks to everyone!

Things not quite so spiritual:

1) Food. WE ATE BEEF THIS WEEK!!! AND FISH! TWO MEALS WITHOUT CHICKEN!!!!! Umm, yeah. So that was exciting. Like I´ve said a million times, she is great. Our landlord makes us food a lot that I can´t finish or that makes me sick for an hour or so. One example, she gave us this dessert the other day. I wish I could tell you what it was... it was the consistency of chuncky peanut butter and jelly and it tasted like bubblegum toothpaste. Hna Ruiz, bless her heart, finished it for me. 

2) We watch the District for companionship study. This week we watched one about members and missionaries working together (you´re exactly right by the way!)  There was a part with Sister Gottfredson talking about an expirience that she had with a neighbor. It was cool, but it made me super homesick!! Tell the Gottfredsons that I say "Hi" for me please :)

3) The stickers are working great! I gave one to a little boy who was super uspest the other day. Then I gave one to his sister to be even and fair.  Afterwards I talked to the little girl for a while. It was great because I actually TALKED to her. She´s only 5, but it´s fine. I had a real conversaion. The children are actually harder to talk to because they don´t understand that I can´t speak this language. So that was exciting. 

4) We got to teach in a house with a couch this week!!!! Most people just have plastic chairs that they pull out and use.  This family had an actual, soft, fluffy couch!! I haven´t been so happy and comfortable in a long time. (2 months actually, give or take.)

What else? Not much. The weeks are starting to become similar. Teaching. Walking. Sweating. Smelling bad and not understanding but trying to love every moment :)

Ok, love you all! Tell everybody hello and that I'm thinking of them :)
Until next week!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you, we ride motorcycles here! :)

Don't mind me.  I just found a parrot!
P-day activities are a little bit limited during the strike . . .
This one time at the park . . .
Service with the district

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