Monday, June 9, 2014


Apparently this is how you pronounce my name. I wrote out my email for A and some other members of the ward and none of them could say Amie normally. And the spelling really threw them off. Haha I thought it was funny. Also, it was hard for them to believe that my full name is Amie Condie. Here, where they have four or five names, it took me a good five minutes to make them believe me.

Anyway, cooler, more important things! 
I know, I´m lame, but I was sick again this week so I don´t have a lot of crazy stories (spoiler: I´m feeling better now tho, it´s all good). We did have one random, fun experience. Nothing crazy spiritual or anything, but still fun. We were walking around the plaza the other day because we needed money and this American couple walks by and stops us. "Hi sisters, how are you?" I was a little confused at first. Because of the English and the fact they called us sisters and knew who we were and were all friendly and whatnot. Turns out he is the architect for the temple in Trujillo. Don´t know what they were doing clear down yonder in Puerto, but it was fun to see them and talk to them for a little bit. We didn´t have a lot of time because we were running late, but it´s all good. It was a nice little treat.

Other news for this week. My "Joseph Smith" investigator and his mom are getting baptized this Saturday!!! I could go on and on about him and his stories, but I´ll just stick with one for today. We were talking about prophets earlier this week, specifically Thomas S. Monson. At the start of the lesson I asked him if he remembered when we talked about José Smith and other prophets and if he could name some of the other prophets he knew about. I was expecting Joseph Smith, Noah, Moses. Prophets like this. He goes off about George Albert Smith and Wilford Woodruf. I was caught SO off gaurd and asked him where he heard about these men. He whips out the book for Sunday School and says that he´s read almost all of it. We all just had to laugh for a little bit. The kid really knows his stuff and LOVES this gospel. Again, only 13 but he is so strong and his desire to grow in this gospel is inspiring.

As for his mother tho, she called us this morning and said she couldn´t get baptized this week. We don´t know exactly why yet, we are going to meet with her later today. Again, sometimes agency mixed with Satan and his influences are somewhat discouraging. BUT, we´re working on it. Faith and patience, yeah? Hopefully next week I can write and say that we had two baptisms, not just one :) 

What else? Sounds like life at home is good and progressing. Congrats to Taylor and Sarah!!! I definitely want pictures of houses and the new life in Utah if possible :)

Love you all. Overally, life is good. LAST WEEK OF THIS CAMBIO! Who knows what´ll come next. But I´m loving the work and happy to be here!

 ´MERICA! This is one of our investigator´s daughter. She had a page of those stick on earrings. Since I was wearing my red and white stripes I picked the blue circles with stars in honor of our flag. They didn't appreciate it as much as I did... but I hope you do :)

That one time I picked a coconut for breakfast.

After a casual game of volleyball in the street :)

So there´s a little story with this little fellow. It´s completely normal for woman here to just reach in their shirts and pull out money or photos or keys or food or whatever else they might need. We were in the middle of a lesson with an older lady and she randomly let out a little scream. After that she reaches in her shirt and just pulls out this chicken. Sometimes when things like that happen I just have to laugh and remind mylsef that I live in Peru...

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