Monday, June 23, 2014

Still In Puerto!!

Okie dokie! Welp, I`m still in Puerto! Hna Ruiz is a sister leader in Abancay and I`m here with Hna Nelson. She`s a hoot and a half. It`s gonna be a great transfer!! 

Now, before I forget, sorry I made you freak out about being sick . . . Feeling great now! Feliz como un lumbrice (happy like a worm, it`s a phase here). I`ll keep you updated if anything drastic happens.

Oh, and I got the letters!!!! Thank you for the lovin`. Heads up for real responses in a month or so... :)

Now for the exciting stuff. I`ll start with the "I live in crazy Peru" then end on a more uplifting note again. 

So, we were in a lesson the other day with this lady. Her name`s Y,  and she`s a little bit crazy. But it`s all good. Teaching her is always exciting. After this lesson she offered us a drink. I forget the name, but it`s made from purple corn. Usually it`s really good!!! She handed it to us and it smelled a little sketchy . . . we asked if it had alcohol. She was very adamant that it didn`t. So,we drank it because it`s rude not to after you accept here. Aaaand, lets just say I have my doubts it was 100% alcohol free. Nothing crazy happened, but we felt really weird for the rest of the night.

So that`s cool.

Now. For the cool missionary story. We went to an appointment but she wasn`t there. BUT, her neice was. We chatted for just a little bit. It started with "my aunt`s not here, I`m Catholic, that`s nice but leave." Nothing super unusual. But we asked if we could say a prayer together before we left. After the prayer we all opened our eyes and she had tears running down her face and now she`s meeting with the elders (she doesn`t live in our sector :/). It`s just so cool to me how many people there are out there who are READY for the gospel. They`re hearts, they`re minds, everything. Sometimes they don`t know they`re ready, but they are. All it takes is a little prayer and the power of the Holy Ghost to completely change someone`s heart and perspective. Missionary work it hard, but it`s worth it. There are a lot of disappointments, but there are so many sweet moments like this that make up for it. And when we focus on those and the importance of sharing the gospel, the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, miracles happen. 

                                                 Pizza for Hermana Ruiz last day

                                         Splits with the other sisters are always great!

                                            Hermana Nelson meets Pepe :)

                                                       Jungle woman!

                                            Lemons the size of my head!

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