Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm a Big Kid Now!

Welp. Training is officially over!!!! I´m staying in Puerto... My letter from the president says that I´m staying with Hna Ruiz, but hers says that she´s leaving. Soooo, not exactly sure what´s going on with that. Sorry I can´t tell you right now what´s happening. Whatever happens, I´m looking forward to it!

I got the package!!!! Thank you times a million! The peanut butter and jerky, genius. All of it made me smile. Yáll are the best :)

Okie dokie. This week. Was crazy. I have a mountain of photos that I want to send but can´t becasue of time. I´ll start with the story behind the foot pictures. So I´ve had this thing on my foot for about two weeks. Did´nt really think anything of it, just an irritated bug bite or blister or something from my shoes. But someone saw it the other day and FREAKED out. Then got everybody else in the vicinity to check it out then they all started freaking out. They were all yelling at me inSpanish so I started freaking out. Basically, from what I understand, there was some sort of insect living inside me and using my body as a host for its babies. So that´s cool. They call it "pique." I don´t have a computer to look it up, but if yall want to, there ya go. But anyway, Hna Ruiz had Hna Julia (our landlord) look at it, and she said she´s fixed things like this a lot. So we performed a little surgery in her living room. And by surgery I mean she stuck a needle in my ankle and just started ripping my skin off. It was not a fun experience... But, it´s gone now. I think?? Now I just have a huge hole in my foot. It´s fine. I live in Peru. This is my life.

So that´s my Peru story for the week. On a more missionary note, we had a baptism this Saturday! Sadly, his mom wasn´t baptized with him. But we´re working with her still. But the baptism was good :) The next day he was confirmed and received the priesthood.  

We have a new investigator as of this week too. She´s an older lady with 5 kids, one of them has depression. SUPER humble. Going through a lot of hard things right now. But she´s so ready for the gospel. It´s cool to see how the Lord prepares people and out of nowhere really helps us find them. We were just walking past her store one day and waved hello and decided to stop to chat. I´ll definitely keep you posted on her. Her name´s Flor.

Everything else is pretty normal. I really wish I could tell you more about this next change. But, it´ll just make next week just that more exciting!

This is Papa Gabriel. He lives down the street from us. I wanted to take a picture with him for Father´s Day. He wasn´t smiling for the picture so I told him I wanted a big smile, with teeth!! He kind of groaned at me and said, alright, let me go get them... I laughed SO hard!! 

Can you feel the love tonight?

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