Monday, July 28, 2014

¡Feliz Dia de Independencia!

Yup. Today is Peru`s day of independence. Don`t have cool stories yet, but we are going to a cool fair later today. Pretty excited about that!!

As for this past week, it`s been good! Didn`t get a whole lot of work done because Hna. Nelson was in Lima for legal stuff, but it was still good. Side note, trios aren`t my favorite thing in the world . . . Fun to be with them, but holy moly, praying I never get put into a real trio.

I do have a couple good stories for y'all  :)

One is about Lida. I think I wrote about her last week a little bit. She`s Jimmy`s wife. We still haven`t found him because of work, but she`s doing SO good! We visited her  again on Saturday. I can`t even describe how happy she makes me. She`s one of those people that missionaries pray to find every day. She just gets it. And she`s willing to do the things that she needs to, to progress. We were ending the lesson and she stopped us and asked if it was ok if she came to church with us again. We just kind of laughed and said of course. Two weeks, and she already talks to us about how good she feels in the church, how she knows it`s something special and that it's something she wants. Ahh, I just love it! I`ll try to get a good picture with her and her ADORABLE little girl this week for y'all to see :)

We have a man in our branch, Pedro. He`s been a member for almost two years now. He`s about 60, doesn`t have a leg, and his life is a little rough in general. BUT, every time we stop by his house he`s always so happy. I`m learning so much from him about gratitude, something I`m trying to work on. He has EVERY reason to be a grumpy old man. But he`s not. He`s so happy. And he can make everybody else happy too. It`s cool to see how the gospel really can change the perspective of everything in our lives. He knows that someday everything will be better and lives every day with just a great attitude. I love it. Reminds me of Presidente Uchtdorf`s talk from conference. I could talk about that for days and days, but I won`t. Yall should just go read it :)

What else? Not much to report from this week, sorry. But things are great in Puerto. Oh yeah! And I don`t have a change!!! WOOOO!!! SO ready for the next six weeks :) 

Sounds like everything is going well in the states.  Jonathan, holy moly, I can`t believe how old he looks. Don`t know how I feel about that... haha, Y'all are so awesome. I`m so glad you`re my family :)

Oh, and another thing. I have that picture of you two in front of the temple on my desk. One of the other hermanas said that Dad looked like Superman. I set her straight and said well duh, because you ARE Superman :)

Love you all!
Have a great week!

Hamburgers . . .

maracuya juice (*mom note:  I looked it up, it's passion fruit)    

My favorite family.  The twins in the front left on missions this week!! Going to miss them. 

Hna. Nelson walking thru the river . . . I mean street!
Talent show :) 

Old lady and the borracho

Incredible kids! 

Don't mind me. Just cutting down a tree with a machete :)

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