Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Little Miracles

I´ve learned something in my mission recently. Before coming I had somewhat of an idea that the mission is full of all these crazy things happening every day. That I would see these huge miracles and things happen that are indescribable. Yeah, we have some moments like this every now and then, but I´ve learned that a miracle isn´t always a "movie moment" that´s going to be brought up in General Conference. Sometimes the greatest and most important miracles are just the little ones. For example, we had our district conference this weekend (like stake conference, but we don´t have a stake here...) and we had a less active member show up. We found him randomly one day after contacting his sister who isn´t a member. He´s been inactive for about fifteen years. He told us the day we met him about two months ago that he would like to come back to church, but hasn´t come to sacrament meeting or anything. We haven´t been able to stop by their house for about two weeks, but I was standing in the church hallway yesterday and he walks in. (side note, the conference was in a different chapel and everything, but he still found it) Without any reminder or invitation (I know, slacking on my part) he still came to church that morning, figured out where to go when nobody was in our chapel, AND he was super excited to be there. Someone might say it was just a guy coming to church. I call it a miracle.
Other examples...

// Members asking to come help us in a slightly dysfunctional branch
// Somebody stopping US on the street to talk to us
// A compliment and thank you from the people you´re woking with

And many others.

It´s easy to shug things off and not realize that they really are little tender mercies from the Lord. His hands are in everything, we just need to step back and realize really just how incredible every little detail of our lives is.

In other news, the president and his wife came this week. Instead of having our meeting in a chapel, we spent the day in the middle of the Amazon. It´s fine. My life is really cool.

Also, this weekend was cold again. Whipped out the cardigan AND the straightener (that caused a lot of comotion with the members at church...)

Life is good. We´re working hard. I love Hna. Nelson!! Everyday has a good amount of laughs and jokes.

Overall, the gospel is incredible. I love the mission more and more everyday! I can´t even imagine my life without it. I thought I was cool before, had things kind of figured out, but no. I´m so grateful for everything I´m learning. About myself, about the gospel, about our Savior, everything. 

As for things at home, sounds to me like things are looking up! Praying for Blackfoot and everything else! Say hello to the grandmas and the aunts and uncles and cousins and friends and everybody.

Love you all! Have a great 4th of July!


                                                    Happy Birthday!

                                   What's a birthday without a little cake fight?

            In the jungle . . .

                                                     The Amazon

                                  Proof . . . Of cool weather and straight hair :)

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