Monday, July 14, 2014

Ummmmm. Hi!

Happy Monday :)

This has been a good week! Lots to do, not enough time to do it all. I need about 50 hours a day and more than just 18 months to do it all! But, it`s all good. Great things are happening in Puerto Maldonado right now. Where to even start?! For one, we have a lot more members helping out right now than we have had in the past. The members really have NO IDEA how much they help! It makes me want to be so much better when I get back to help the missionaries out. The progress is so much faster when our investigators or less actives have somebody besides us to confide in. 

I`m glad you have time to read! I was thinking this week and I`m giving EVERYBODY a challenge! Read the Book of Mormon either before the end of the year or before I get home (depending on how ambitious you are). Don`t worry. I did all the math for yall.
End of the year : 24 weeks of reading 22 pages and then you`ll have 3 pages for the last baby week.
End of my mission: 55 weeks of reading 9 pages and 2 weeks of reading 10 pages.
Piece of cake. No excuses!! :)
In all honestly tho, I`ve learned and seen so much how the Book of Mormon really does strengthen people and families. And I want that kind of strength for all of you. Especially right now :)

So, funny story first. We went to visit a new family the other day with a member from our branch who`s leaving for his mission next week. We didn`t actually get to teach them because they were working, but we helped out and chatted. So we`re sitting there cracking and peeling these weird nut things with them and they offer some to us to try. How to describe them, I don`t really know. They were kind of like really hard, condensed dirt. No flavor. It literally tasted like I was eating dirt. After we all took the first bite, Josè (the member with us) and I looked at each other with the same face and he says (in English) "what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger." I almost choked. Between the situation and his English it was really funny. Maybe you had to be there?? I don`t know, but I laugh every time I think about it.

Other notable news, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week. The talk itself wasn`t that exciting, nothing out of the ordinary. BUT, the exciting part, we went to visit a family that we`ve been working really hard with later that night and the husband pointed out how good my Spanish was!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! It`s especially great because this same guy pointed out to me how terrible my Spanish was and said he thought I didn`t really have a right to be talking to him on my first day here. So that made me feel really good :)

Anyway, so yeah, another great week over, looking forward to the next! And again, nothing crazy out of the ordinary happened, but we can see the hands of the Lord in everything we do. Even in the little things. Well, ESPECIALLY in the little things. Progress is slow in Puerto, but it`s happening. And it`s really cool to be a part of all of it.

Have another fantastic week! I`m praying for y'all and everything.  Start the Book of Mormon ;)
Love you all!!

ps- My computer freaked out and something weird happened with all my pictures... 
Don`t worry. Heads up for LOTS of GREAT pictures next week.
Clifhanger, boaconstrictors :)

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