Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy JULY!

First of all, I can`t believe it`s already July!!! 

This week I hit my five month mark.


I feel like I got here yesterday. It`s cool to look back every month and see the things I`ve learned.

As for this week, pretty normal. I do have one cool story for yàll this week. So we`re teaching this 17 year old kid named Alex. He`s a hoot and a half. He wants to be a rapper. Doesn`t go to school and his job is rapping on the streets near the plaza with his friends.You can assume he doesn`t have a whole lot of direccion in his life right now. But he loves talking to us and the lessons are always good. We got to talk to him about the Restoration about two weeks ago but didn`t have time to explain the Book of Mormon. We finally found him again this week and chatted for a bit, got him a Book of Mormon and all that jazz. We couldn`t actually sit and have a lesson with him because we couldn`t be alone with him and there was nobody else there. BUT, we came back the next day. The first five minutes went something like this...

Us: Hey Alex, how`s it going?
Alex: Good. Really good!
**small talk**
Us: So did you get the chance to read?
Alex: Yeah! (He read the title page, introduction, AND all the testimonies after one day!!) But I have a question. If I want to get baptized, what do I need to do??? Also, am I allowed to serve a mission like you guys?! 

Yup. Needless to say, it was a great lesson. He`s reading and loving it! We`re loving it! Hopefully I can keep sending good news about him :)

What else? Really nothing else crazy is happening. It still amazes me how incredible the gospel is and no matter how much studying and reading I do, there`s ALWAYS more to learn. And it`s always something that just blows my mind.
The church is true. The gospel is amazing! Learning every day. Loving every day.

Love you all!

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