Monday, October 27, 2014

It's happened.

Once upon a time, I speak Spanish. Let me back up and explain.

So last Monday I found out that I didn´t have a change. I was a little bummed and caught by surprise, but it didn´t take me long to realize that I could sit and mope about it for 6 weeks or make the best of it and figure out what it is that the Lord and Prestident Harbertson want me to learn. And this week was actually a really good one! Our bishop kind of cracked down on the Relief Society and the leaders of our ward and told them to shape up and help me basically. I got to work for almost every single procelyting hour that we have!!

On Friday the daughter of Presidente Harbertson came and stayed with us. I got to work with her all day Saturday and for a couple hours on Sunday before she went home. She is INCREDIBLE and those were two of the best days that I´ve had on my mission. But, she doesn´t speak Spanish. So during the lessons I translated from English to Spanish and vice versa so that she could participate in the lessons. It was really, really cool. And obviously I didn´t just wake up and know Spanish this week, but I´m getting good enough that I don´t only understand, but I can translate! Not in a proud way, just an exciting feeling.

Also on that note, we got a call from our zone leaders last night saying that there was a medical training thing from the States going on and they didn´t have anybody to translate. So Hna Ostler, Hna Camacho and I got to go and help these doctors train some people down here! I realized that I know almost zero medical vocabulary, but it was a cool expiernece. Some of the doctors work in Blackfoot every now and then so maybe Dad will get to meet them. They´re sending you pictures :)

So yes, it was a good week. As far as investigators and people that we are working with, we´re starting to make some good progress with people. Still don´t have any huge news to report, but I´ll keep you updated!

I´m so happy to hear about Idaho and everything working out! I´ve heard good things about Blackfoot so I´m excited for y'all.

Love you all! Have a fantasic week! Sorry I didn´t send pictures. We came straight from the doctor training thing and I don´t have the stuff to upload my pictures.

Hna Condie

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