Friday, October 3, 2014


AKA, Machu Picchu.
Yeah, forgot to tell you last week that I would be writing really late today because I was going to be at Machu Picchu all day! Pretty amazing. I´ve been up since 2am and I´m pretty pooped. But worth it. My dream of visiting since I was 5th in grade has been completed! 

Bullet points this week-

// Just so you know . . . on that note, I´m not receiving any of my mail that I´m expecting righ now :( esta bien.

// Hna Camacho started coming out with us. Can´t go all day still, but she has permission to work a little bit now. So that´s good.

// There was an earthquake this week! Nothing too too crazy. But it was definitely exciting from the top bunk.

// Hna Liza is learning English (one of the goals from the President and his wife for all the latinos). I taught her how to say "you´re the best," so she tells me that I´m the best all the time. I´m fine with it :)

They did pretty much all the planning and we helped a little bit with decorations in the morning.  It was SO GOOD!!

My top 3 favorite things about Peruvian weddings:
1: They serve you a full on chicken and potatoe dinner without utinsels and everbody´s eating with fingers and it´s competely normal.
2. The stray dogs from the street walk in and steal food and people are ok with it.
3. Peruvians are very serious people for the most part. More so here than in Puerto.  But when they dance, they DANCE. And I love it!!! I´ve never laughed so hard or had so much fun in my life!! 

As for the baptism, it was beautiful! They all bore their testimonies afterwards and talked about how free and beautiful they felt. The youngest daughter (11 years old) talked about how she was excited to go the the temple now so that she could be with her family forever. I teared up pretty good. I´m so excited for this family!!

// One lesson that I want to talk about. We have a new invetigator named Luis. Really smart and loves to learn, but very science focused and hard to open up to God and just have faith rather than proof. We were trying to teach him a lesson the other day but not really getting anywhere. More fighting to get words in and not really helping him at all. I was getting frustrated and I could tell my companions were too. Finally we just let go and started listening (duh) and it turned into a really great lesson! It´s cool to me how the spirit will guide us if we´re just willing to sit back and listen. To the person we´re teaching and to the spirit. All the plans we had for the lesson were great, but not what he needed. Good lesson for me in really trusting in the spirit and not my own ideas or thoughts. He´ll never lead you in the wrong direction.

Good week overall :) Excited for conference!!!! There´s a law in Peru that we can´t watch original broadcasts or something like that, so we have to wait a week. Another law is that we can´t hold public meetings on election days (this Sunday) so we´re not having church this week :( but we´ll survive.

Love you all! Tell everyone hello for me!



Sometimes Hna Camacho walks while I ride in the wheelchair . . .

This is Giovani.  We play James Bond games together while we're waiting on people in the church. #bffs


That one day at Machu Picchu

Once upon a time I was this close to a real life Machupicchuian llama

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