Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weirdest Week . . .

...of my life. We´re just gonna run through the days one by one here.

Monday: Machu Picchu!! Yeah, I know you already know, but worth saying again :)
After we got home it was a normal night until about 10:00. We got a call from the zone leaders saying that Hna Liza had a change to Sicuani. Spent the night packing frantickly so that she could leave in the morning.

Tuesday: Hna Liza left in the morning. I stayed home because Hna Camacho couldn´t walk and we couldn´t find two people to help us out. One to stay with her and one to come with me. We went on splits with the other hermanas in the apartment in the afternoon/night tho, so I got to work a little bit.

Wednesday: Because there were a ton of people at Machu Picchu on Monday and our district leader was sick on Tuesday, we had our district meeting in the morning. Normal. After, one of the members from the elders´ ward invited us to eat KFC for lunch!!! Woooo. So good. We were about to leave when Hna Ostler (the hermana leader that we live with) got a call from some other hermanas saying that one of them was having signs of a heart attack. So Hna Valverde (Hna Ostler´s companion) went with Hna Camacho to the hospital for her therapy while I went out and worked for about an hour with Hna Ostler, then we spent the rest of the day in the hospital with the other hermanas.

Thursday: Best day ever!!!! All the hermana leaders from the mission came to Cusco for their meeting with President on Friday. They didn´t have anything to do so I had a normal companion for the WHOLE day! Felt so good to work like normal without having to worry about picking anybody up or running to the hospital or anything.
Then, our companionship turned into a trio again. Another hermana from Puno fell in a whole and tore something in her leg. So she´s with us. Me and two cojitas (cripples). It´s great.

Friday: A lot likeTuesday. Half day with Hna Ponce (she also lives with us). Normal.

Saturday: LAME.  I was sick in bed all day.

Sunday: Also lame. Because of the elections we could only leave to appointments that were super secure. And if the people weren´t there we had to go straight back home. Also, for safety reasons we couldn´t wear our plaques and we had to go in p-day clothes. It was weird... None of my citas were there tho so I didn´t get to teach anyone...

So yeah. Close to 0 work done this week. With Hna Liza gone and Hna Camacho in bed all the time it feels like I´m half opening a sector without a secure companion or the time I need to do anything. 3 weeks with Hna Liza kind of helped me know the sector, but, yeah, we´ll see how this next week goes. 

Also, woke up at 3am again today so that we could go to Pisaq. INCREDIBLE. Pdays in Cusco are the coolest thing ever!

And yes, I heard about Gretchen's baby!!!!! Super stoked!!!! There´s tons of little Peruvian baby clothes and I´m tempted to buy ALL OF THEM! SO excited! 

I wish I had more exciting things to report, but really, nothing happened this week. Trying to be patient and understand what it is I´m suposed to be doing here exactly...

Last morning with Hna Liza

Working with Hna Wahlen

Mis cojitas 

working in pants


** editors note
  1. Písac, Pisac, or P'isaq is a Peruvian village in the Sacred Valley on the Urubamba River. The village is well known for its market every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, an event which attracts heavy tourist traffic from nearby Cusco. Wikipedia

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