Monday, October 20, 2014

More Parrots

This week was good. All things considered. Hna Ostler and Hna Valverde were gone all week for their leader visits, so I couldn´t work with them at all obviously. But, I did find a member almost every day. Tuesday and Wednesday I got to work full days with a girl named Carolay. She´s 18 and getting ready for her mission, so it was fun to talk to her and be a missionary with her. She´s incredible and is going to do great things in her mission! She´s already got that bold attitude that missionaries need, so it was a good two days.

Thursday I worked a little bit with the hermanas from the other ward because I couldn´t find anyone. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Friday I got another member for half the day.

Saturday all of the girls that are going home tomorrow started coming in so I had a real missionary companion for TWO days. I forgot how wonderful it is to have a real companion, Hna Sheets. Even tho I guess she still wasn´t completely "my" companion, it was really, REALLY nice to have her there. Maybe she didn´t think so when we got stuck in a ompletely out of the blue hail storm (after it was blue and sunny 20 minutes before), but it´s fine. That´s Cusco for ya!

So, good week.

In other news, I´ve become known as the "mom" of the apartment because I´m always taking care of Hna Camacho and Hna Sanchez and cleanig everything up with the extra time I have at home. They call me Mama Condie instead of Hermana Condie right now. It´s cool I guess. It kind of scares me how right they are tho. You know how when you´re little and everyone tells you that someday you will start turning into your mom and you never believe them?? Welllll, that´s starting to come true. I´ve caught myself saying things like "leave this looking better than how you´ve found it" and "I don´t resond to whining." Yup, I´m slowing turning into my mother . . . Freaking me out!

Alrighty. Two stories from the week. Both from the same day.

I was out teaching with one of my members on Friday with a less active named Giovani. He got baptized at the beginning of this year, but started reading things on the internet that have him confused and doubting his testimony. He was telling me about how he still thinks the church is good and honorable, but just like every church, it has its mistakes and errors. I looked him straight in the eye and told him how I knew that this church was the exception, that there isn´t a single error, and I knew it without a single doubt. Or something like that. It was one of those moments that I wasn´t really the one talking. But he gave me a crazy look. Not a "you´re crazy" look, but a look that usually would make me feel stupid or small. But I felt so strong. It´s cool how that happens. I know it´s true and nothing they can say or do will ever make me doubt that.

After that lesson we were walking home. Angela was running late so she dropped me off and ran. I walked in the apartment and my companions weren´t there. So, I went down a floor to our pensionista like I usually do when they are still in thereapy, buuuuut she wasn´t there either. Haha, so I was alone for about 2 hours this week. It was so weird! But I got to talk to Hna Harberston for a solid hour and got some really good adive about what´s going on right now.So that was fun.

Also, today is TRANSFERS! The email still hasn´t come in so I STILL DON´T KNOW what´s going to happen to me!!! I´m only kind of dying. It´s fine. When the email comes in I´ll shoot another email telling yall what´s going on.

But for now, I love you all and I hope all is well.
Have a super duper week!


This is my life so I had to send the opicture. In the hospital again. BUT, I was happy because I had a Nature Valley bar!

          Hiding from the hail in a random doorway.

Yep! There's parrots in Cusco too . . .

Pooped on Hna Ostler . . . 😉

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