Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cambios . . .

. . . are the worst!

Once upon a time . . . I´m training Hna Hill right now so we weren´t expecting anything for changes. President is moving both of us to another ward in Cusco. Just like Puerto, I may be sitting here in tears again.

So much good happened this week. Jorge and Gloria and their kids are doing SO WELL. Every lesson we teach, they accept like they´ve known it their wholes lives. You can see how much happier they are and they are so excited for their baptism. We won´t be there for that, but I guess that´s not the important part. I couldn´t be happier for them, and the elders that are coming in and taking our place better take care of them! 

I sent a picture of the familia Cuadros. They´re a less active family that I´ve been working with my whole time here. They´re tough. I have said SO many prayers for this family. This past week alone they made incredible progress. I almost cried in our lesson with them last night. The difference that people feel when they can just let go of bitter feelings and put their trust in God is amazing. And that´s what happening with them. They know what´s most important, how to get there, and know they´re willing to do it. They have a goal to get back to the temple as a family again and everything. The two older kids aren´t in the picture, but I love them all so much. 

Everything is just great here right now. Hna Hill is doing wonders. She´s such a stong missionary. I don´t think that she gives herself enough credit, but I´m so proud of her! Training her is easy.

About our class on Wednesday, Hna Hill had to go to Lima, so we had to switch some plans around. It was moved to this next week, but . . now we won´t be doing that. Sorry for both of us. 

In shock. A little sad. Just kidding, a lot sad. But with faith and trust that the Lord knows what He´s doing even if I don´t want it at all. I´ll let you know how Alamos is next week I guess. 

Have a great week! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! It´ll do wonders. Love you all.

These are the kids of the family we are working with.
(the boy and the little girl in front of him)

I'll be honest . . . don't know the other two girls 

Familia Cuadros

You should have seen the sidewalk . . .

Spanish bananagrams :)

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