Monday, January 19, 2015

Line Upon Line

Happy Monday!

Well, for starters, opening and closing a sector at the same time is really hard. Hna Hill and I got transfered together so that we could finish her training, which is good, but it`s hard leaving a sector behind not knowing how it`s going to be taken care of. We got to show the elders around one day though, and they seem really sharp. Not too worried, just still a little sad. But, the Lord has a plan for all.

Alamos. Is. Huge. This new sector is bigger than my last two sectors put together. I kind of overshot it one day and told Hna Hill that we didn`t need to take a bus to get somewhere on our second day. We ended up walking for about an hour with the catch phrase "just a little bit further" for the last 40 minutes of it. And that was only about half the sector.  Just to give you an idea. But it`s a great sector with a lot of potential. The hermanas that left didn`t leave us with a lot so we`re kind of starting at ground zero. Again. I`ll be a pro at that by they time I come home. But it`s fun. Stressfull at times, but a cool experience. 

I was SUPER stressed out the first couple days.  I read a talk from Boyd K. Packer from either the April or October 2014 conference. No recuerdo. It`s called 'A Reason for Hope' or something like that. Incredible. There`s one part at the end that I really like:

"(Jesus Christ) is no stranger to His servants. As we move into the future with quiet confidence, His spirit will be with us."
That`s kind of the theme for this change. Replace fear with faith and just do the work that I was sent here to do. Doesn`t matter how many hours of the days we spend walking around lost or how badly our feet hurt from walking all day or how many times we get rejected as we contact and try to find people to teach. He is no stranger to us and will guide us if we`re just willing to put in our all. 

We haven`t had a lot of luck finding real solid new people to teach, but that`s okay. A little bit every day. Joseph Smith didn`t restore the church in one week, and we won`t have a super successful sector after one week either. Line upon line. Faith. Diligence. Patience and charity. That`s the plan for now.

I love being a missionary. It`s SO much harder than I ever expected. But it`s so much better than I ever could have imagined also. The Lord takes care of us, and there is no greater privilege than to be here in the middle of His work.

Love you all. Until next week!


P-day shenanigans!

Balcon del Diablo.  One of my favorite places in Cusco

Saying "Goodbye" in Ttio

Selfie with another parrot!

First day in the new sector

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  1. Amie! I hope everything is going well for you. Can't wait to see you when you get home! I miss our lunch dates. : )