Monday, January 5, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad!

I agree, the email after the Skype is a little weird. But it was so fun to see everyone! I realized after we hung up that I didn´t really say any of the things I wanted. Too excited to remember. But that´s alright. We´ll get another go in May :) Love you all!

This was an awesome week! Started with the sister leaders coming! I got to work with Hna Nelson for the day. It was the BEST! Always fun to be with old companions. I got to remember all the little things that I learned with her that I´ve kind of let slide over the last three months. She´s incredible! And she helps me to be more motivated and work harder.

Kind of thinking about it now, this week was actually kind of slow. But still good. It was a lot harder to teach people than I expected it would be with Christmas and everything. Everybody had family over and was doing all the normal Christmas stuff. That meant lots of walking and contacting for us a lot of the time. But there was something really cool about working this week. I think the best gift that we could ever give for Christmas is helping others to learn about Christ. His birth, life, Atonement. Everything. Everything was for us, and the least we can do is accept it and apply it in our own lives, then go and help other people to have the same joy and blessings in their life. It was definitely a Christmas unlike any other, but one that I will probably never forget.

On the topic of people we´re working with, we challenged Jorge and Gloria to get baptized this week! She accepted it quickly and very happily. He is the type that wants to do a lot more investigating fisrt. Still good tho, that´s what we want. I know with prayer and faith and reading and coming to church and all that "investigating", he´ll get his answer. Both were happy and excited. Makes for some happy missionaries!

Sounds like you all had a super vacation! Say hello to everybody for me.

Las amo con todo mi corazón! 

Just a little selfie with a dandelion :)

Hna Nelson came to visit!!

Christmas jammies!

Merry Christmas from Hna Hill and me!

Merry Christmas from our apartment!

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