Wednesday, February 11, 2015

¡Feliz Carnival!

Where to even begin with this week?? It was so good! For starters, the whole month of February is a huge "carnival" in Peru. Baciscally a huge water fight. We´ve had lots of water balloons thown at us. I´ve heard it gets worse through the month, and they start throwing paint or foam or something like that. It´s kind of fun for now. Kind of dreading later in the month. But kind of funny I guess :)

We have a LOT of people that we´re working with right now. Boris is one of them, obviously. He´s doing so great. Every lesson he just gets more and more excited. He came to church with us yesterday and couldn´t stop talking about how much he loved it. We challenged him with a date for his baptism but he rejected it. I´m hoping now that he´s been to church he´ll be more open for the commitment. But he´s doing great. We´re excited for him.

Edward and Diana. We actaully didn´t get the chance to talk to them this week. But, we were passing by one day and decided to try to talk to them even though we didn´t have an appointement. We found his brother outside. Long story short, basically all of his brothers are already members, just less active. So now we´re teaching Edward and Diana, reactivating his family, and teaching all of their wives and children. Or at least we´re starting to. It looks like maybe it´ll be a bit of a process with some of them, but I´m excited to be working with such a big family!

Lots of good things happening. 

Gonna end with some funnier stories from yesterday.

We were walking up one of the big hills here in Cusco trying to find a referal that we got the other day. There was a lady sitting there on our way up, and we started talking to her. About 30 seconds into the conversation she invited us to come up to her house to meet her family. We went happily. The whole way up she kept offering us basically everything that she owns. We get to her house and she starts feeding us and showing us her children´s birth certificates (8 of them, by the way...) and making sure that we are completely comfortable. Super sweet lady. We kept trying to teach her a little bit about who we are and why we´re here. It was hard to get any words in though because she kept singing in Qechua and asking us to teach her prayers in English. Didn´t quite get it. She then offered us a live cui to take home to cook. Then actually gave us cui to eat. I was excited at first becaue I really want to try it before I leave. When she gave us the head, fur, eyes, whiskers, everything still there, my ... animo?? (*I think the word she's looking for is 'enthusiasm') went down a little bit. Hna Hill almost died. It was an interesting visit. We´re going to try to go back another day, more prepared to handle everything and maybe actually teach something.

On the way down from her house we saw a family that we wanted to contact. I won´t go into all the details for this one, but it ended with the wife asking us to touch the husband´s head and heal him from the devil inside of him. We obediently patted his head and they went on their way. Definitely a first. Hna Hill and I both walked away a little confused.

So many things that happened this week, just not time to write it all. But the important thing is that the Lord really is guiding us and the people we´re teaching right now. The church is true and I´m loving the work!

Love you all. Keep me posted on, well, everything :)

XOXoooxxOXoXoo (can´t remember the exact order, but this is a Nacho Libre reference),

!Happy Carnival!

More Cusco

Some church members we are working with.

This is Hna Hill in denial after she ate 'cui' ear . . . (*guinea pig)

 a fan of the stickers :)

Last P-day, just touring around Cusco

P-day friends

In honor of Valentines this week . . . "come and kiss me"

Just doing some pottery in his house when we came to teach.

Yay sisters leaders!

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  1. How'd we luck out and get the two most beautiful sister missionaries in existence?? They're adorable. :)
    Thanks for posting these pics. I'm stealing them now, as always.