Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sometimes I Forget the Title

Well, this was a pretty fantastic week!

We had our zone conference with President and Hermana Harbertson. Incredible as always. We focused in on the doctrine of Christ- what it really is and how to really apply it every single day. Not only for the people that we teach or for the members of the wards that we`re working in, but for every one of us personally also. And not only right now during the mission, but forever. I love having a mission president who`s so wise.

We ended the conference with a video called "The Refiner`s Fire is Real" or something like that. It talked about how there are some really, REALLY hard things that we have to go through, but the outcome, if we are faithful during the "fire," is something truly great. Anything that I say about it won`t really do it justice, you should try to find it. Something we can all apply. (It has a man working with fire and metal and a lady talking about some of the things she`s had to go through with her family. There`s a little snippet from one of the general authorities too, if that helps you find it)

We found people! We got to go teach some of the people that we met in the street last week. Three really solid people!

-- Boris- he contacted us in the street while we were waiting for a bus last week. He`s been investigating some churches for a couple years. He remembered talking with some Mormon missionaries before, but then he moved and lost contact. He`s been looking for us for a while. We had two really incredible lessons with him this week! The thing about him that impresses me the most is his desire to be better. He knows that there are things in his life that he needs to change, but up until now he didn`t know how. He`s willing and ready.

-- The other two are the two people that I told you about last week. We contacted them. He has two siblings who are members. Found out this week that they have actually passed away. He was going to church for about a year and never got baptized. He still has his doubts, but together with his wife (kind of, they still need to get married... bump in the road) they have SO much potential. Again, just ready and willing to learn and change and be better. 

I`m praying SO HARD that I won`t have a change this next round. Which probably means that I will have one... we`ll see. But there`s a lot of good people popping up and a lot of good things starting to happen in Los Alamos!

Other news for this week, we ate something called "tarwid" this week with one of our investigators and her family. I don`t know if that`s how you spell it, but that`s how it sounds. Maybe you can look it up. Buuuut, it`s possible that both Hna Hill and I were sick to our stomaches and lost a day of work because we could barely move after eating it. Lesson learned. It was bad. It was bad after the first bite. Then I had a whole plate to eat. Hna Hill got stuck into eating a second plate. I couldn`t help her... felt bad. Safe to say I will never complain about food in the States ever again.

So anyway, good week :) We`re still happy. Working and happy. Have fun in Kansas City and Miami. Sounds fun!

Love you all!


My sweet pensioista and her family are moving today

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