Monday, February 23, 2015

Mi Corazón Está en Cusco

Well, I`m going to start this letter like all the other ones. It was another GREAT week in Los Alamos. We`ve found so many solid investigators. A less active family that we`re working with is doing really incredibly well as of lately. Hna Hill and I are getting along splendidly. The members are really stepping up and helping us a lot. We had a really good stake conference. Life is good! I love working in Cusco.

That being said, no wonder that I have a change! Yup, going to PUNO as a new sister leader. YIKES. It`s gonna be really cold, maybe a little more stressful, but it`s gonna be good! Like always, I`m sad to leave my sector, especially now, but I know it`s in really good hands! I`ll be here until Wednesday for a training with Presidente Harbertson then I`m off Thursday morning. A little nervous, but I`m really excited! I don`t know if y'all would remember Hna Valverde. She lived with us for 3 transfers then went to Puno. I`m sure I`ve sent some pictures of her. But she`s going to be my new companion. Yeah, pretty stoked.

So yes, that`s the biggest news. We handed Boris over to the elders this week. We thought maybe it`d be better if he was working with them, being a single man and everything. We have a new lady ALMOST with a baptism date. She wants to get baptized. Working hard all around.

What else happened this week? Hna Hill broke her toe. Sort of. The doctor says it`s not broken, but she`s been limping around all week. We ran into a good handful of carnivalers. A dog peed on my backpack so I`ve been using your red one. Besides that, pretty chill week :) In missionary terms anyway . . . I guess it`s never actually very "chill."

Love you all! Until next week from Puno Central!

                                        Straight up licked my face!

                                                           Yay P-day!
                                                          My Cusco family

          They loved the Valentine hearts!

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  1. Oh, dear sweet Amie. She's such a darling! I have no doubt that she was the best Mom/trainer for my brand new missionary. Keni will miss her greatly. Thank you for raising such a beautiful young lady, who is a great example and help to my young lady. I'll keep stalking you, no worries. :)