Monday, February 16, 2015

Just a Little Reflection

Well, another good week for the records! We have some really great things happening. Boris loves the church. He still won`t accept his date because he doesn`t want to pay tithing, but he`ll get there. We contacted 20 families in the street this week. Working with two new families and lots of appointments set up for next week. It wasn`t blazing hot (rained like crazy but hey, better than the Cusco sun). Hna Hill is doing great! She`s ready to finish her training next week. I`m so proud of her. Just lots of good. 

The rest of this email is just gonna be a nice short, one year kind of look back. 

A year goes by really, really fast. And six months goes by even faster. Time to work harder and make everything I`ve learned in this past year worth something. I feel like I`m more motivated to work harder now than I was when I first got here with that "greenie" attitude. Now I know what I`m doing and I realize how precious time is. The Lord has helped me so much. Even when I was being stubborn or lazy or whatever else, He`s helped me so that I could get to this point. 

The church is true. I`ve met people every day this past year who deny it, but it`s true. Those who will listen will change their lives. I`ve seen it first hand. More than that, it`s changed me so much since last February. Still the same me, but so much closer to my Savior. Maybe I took it for granted before my mission, but I love the gospel. He did everything for us, for me, and the least I can do now is work harder and closer to Him. 

Short and sweet. Somehow I always manage to lose whatever I wanted to say when I get to the computer. The important thing is that I`m still happy and I still love being a missionary. I`m starting to think of ways I can avoid getting on the bus six months from now... :)

Love you,


Happy "it's been raining all week" picture! 
street contacting

Happy Valentines Day 
Hna Hill thought it would be funny to tape this up on the ceiling above my face . . . 

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