Monday, April 13, 2015

Because I"m HAPPY!

Hna Hill used to always sing that. It´s from a movie that came out since I´ve been gone, but don´t remember what . . . but it´s apropiate for right now.

The truth, there´s not too much to report from this week. Half the week we were in Cusco and the other half we were walking around while EVERY single one of our appointments fell through . . . but that´s ok. Always something to learn and something to be happy for. Like maybe the fact that my brother just got ENGAGED or my sister is having a BABY any day now or my other sister is getting ready for her MISSION! Or maybe that I have a GREAT new companion and this week (even though we didn´t get to do a lot together work wise) was superb. I´m hoping I finish with three changes with her and not with one more transfer somewhere else. 

Her name is Hna Mendez. She´s from Argentina. Which means she talks with a "sh" istead of a "y" with double Ls and Ys. That was fun to get used to. She´s 23. Her birthday is June 5 (another round of eggs next change!). She´s a NUT but she knows why she´s here and works hard. She´s the perfect balance between hard work and having fun. Safe to say there´s a lot of reason for me to be happy right now. When it comes down to it, your companion makes all the difference in your mission. At least for me.

Like I said, not much to report this week. Just that things are good and only getting better. I´m glad yall are safe and happy and that everything is working out! Sorry it´s kind of short again, I´ll think of something more interesting to include for next week´s letter.

Les amo!


Consilio with my new companion!

Alberto, Susana, Hna Condie, and Condie! They just got a new kitten, and after much thought, they decided to name her Condie :) Not a fan of cats, but I kind of took a liking to this one.

Usually Peruvians don´t smile when we take pictures. I yelled, "uno, dos, CONDIE" and this is how it turned out. One of my favorite pictures from my mission :)

Just playing in the snow on our way to Cusco

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