Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Changes!!

Well, it´s that time of year again . . . Hna Valverde has a change to Cusco :( One change together. I´ll be honest, she wasn´t one of my easiest campanions, but she was one of my favorites. I´ve learned SO much from her, and I´m sad to say goodbye already. Now, after only having one change as a sister leader, I get to train Hna Mendez to be a sister leader with me! Should be interesting . . . We lived together when I was in Cusco, so I already know her. So that helps. She´s . . crazy. Haha, should be a fun transfer!

This was a kind of an "all over the place" week. Tuesday we had an activity in the church from 2:00 until about 7:00. Then Hna Valverde and I had to travel that night to Juliaca to do our last splits. That´s where the pictures from my toe come from. I was playing soccer a couple weeks ago and had a little accident with my toe. I didn´t think it was a big deal. Just a bruise and it would go away eventually. I showed Hna Rodriguez, the girl in the picture, and she freaked out. She said that she had the same thing. She said there was a bunch of dried blood under my nail and if I didn´t get it out it would get infected. Long story short, she conviced me to let her tear my nail off so that she could clean it out . . . so now I only have nine and a half nails until it grows back. So, that´s cool. 

Thursday was normal. Friday NOBODY was home. Everybody goes up the hill to repent and worship Christ for Easter. Which meant no teaching and lots of walking for us.

Saturday and Sunday, of course, we got to watch conference!! Woo!! Best three weekends of the whole mission. I´m kind of on the same page with you, Mom. No matter what happens, we have the truth. And nothing will ever change that. When people try to make us feel weak, we find strength in the truths that we know. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because Christ came to earth and atoned for each of us, we too can overcome anything and everything that Satan throws our way. We have the authority of God to support us and a prophet to guide us. What else do we need? Just the personal conversion that we know this is true. Once we have that, keep going and never stop. It´s definitely not easy and there will be suprises every day, but we know what we have to do. So, lets do it! I´m feeling a little invincable right now. I know I´m not perfect and training a new sister in a sector that I don´t know TOO well will be hard and maybe everything´s not going according to plan exactly how I want it to when it comes to the people we´re teaching, but I know I can do it. I can do it becasue I have the Lord on my side! And, He´ll always be there when I need that extra boost.

Sounds like  yall are doing GREAT at home! Makes me happy :) Missions. Babies. Weddings. Nothing too exciting, but I´m glad you´re happy! I´ll talk to President Harbertson about BYU and all that jazz.

Love you all! 


 I love Peruvians. I told this lady that we were teaching that I had a little headache. She (just like 99%of all Peruvians) is convinced that if you lick these leaves and stick them on your face that you will be healed. It also helps with stomach cramps and other body pain . . .? I don´t know. But we sat for an hour or so with these nice leaves covering our faces.

Just helping a member in our ward put her store together :)

Don´t let her face fool you. She was REALLY enjoying herself during this whole process.

*stop here if you don't like yucky stuff . . . not sure I agree with the idea of uncovering the toe like this to prevent infection but I'm just the mom . . . we'll see what happens . . .




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