Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4/27 Sister Leader Shinanigans

Well, this was a crazy full week. We`ll take it one day at a time so that my brain doesn`t explode.

Monday- Pday. Just playing and buying things. Nothing exciting. BUT, we did start our divisions in the night. Which leads to...

Tuesday- I got to spend the day with Hna Wattles in her sector while my companion stayed in Los Incas with Hna Tuft. I´ll be honest, one of the best days of my mission! Hna Wattles is in the second transfer of her training, but she teaches/talks/does everything basically like she`s been here for a year! Usually when I`m with new sisters I end up leading everything, which is fine. That`s how I was when my sister leaders came to visit me when I was in my training. But she just took off and did everything. I think my favorite thing about being a sister leader is doing these visits. It`s amazing how much you can learn from someone. Times that by six every transfer, and there`s a lot of really incredible things to learn. From Hna Wattles, I think the greatest thing I got out of that day was how to REALLY love the mission and theses people and how to laugh even when things are rough. When maybe there was a reason to complain or rest a little bit, she just kept going with a smile on her face! I don`t think I`ve laughed so much in my whole life than this day I got to spend with her. Needless to say, Tuesday was great!

Wednesday- We were in divisions again, but this time I got to stay in Los Incas. I got to be with Hna Love. She came in the same group as Hna Hill so it was fun to talk to her and get to know her a little bit more. This is a day that can be described with "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Being with Hna Love was so great! Another missionary who knows how to just smile and laugh things off. We did not teach a single lesson this day. And not just because people weren`t home, but because they straight up rejected us. People looking thru windows then never coming to answer the door. Dogs being sicked (please respell that for me . . .? *it's really sicced but we thought this was cute) on us. The list is endless but not really worth listing. So, hard day but a good day I guess. Hna Love was a good sport.

Thursday- More divisions!!! But this time a little different. As sister leaders, we too have sister leaders. So the SL from Sicuani came up and we are all working here in Puno. Highlight of this day was a new investigator that we started teaching! Her name is Nelly. She was a reference from Hna Tuft and Hna Wattles. She`s basically gold. She`s already been to church three times for the full three hours and has told us that she wants to get baptized. We are going to challenge her with a date this Tuesday.

Friday- Finally met up with my long lost companion, Hna Mendez. But, we didn`t get to work. President Harbertson came for our zone conference. As always, incredible. We focused on repentance and what it really means for us and for the people we get to work with. It ended in a testimony meeting for all the missionaries.

Saturday- Another day without working. We had a day-long conference on family history. Unfortunately, I was assigned to take down everybody`s name at the door instead of working on the computers, so I didn`t really get to learn a whole lot... but we all got to listen to a fireside at the end that one of the 70s gave. I`m terrible and I forgot his name, but it was really good! I`m excited to do more family history when I get home. 

Sunday- Finally a normal day!!! Nelly came to church with us! There was a "feriado" in the school district, so nobody was in their house yesterday, but it was nice to be walking around and working with Hna Mendez again. All of a sudden we have so much happening in our sector again! Nelly should have a baptism date next week. Our pensionista (who isn`t a member) should be getting married soon and baptized soon after. Alberto and Susana (the grandparents in the picture the other week) are close to getting married. Vicki, who was supposed to get baptized a long time ago, is back on board and might have a date this week too. I`m very grateful. 

Time goes by faster and faster each week. Now I`m just trying to take advatage of every second and do as much as I can. Sometimes stressful, but always rewarding. 

Love you all. Excited for baby pictures next week!! 

Hna Condie

PS Sorry there`s no photos. My usb got a virus. I know a guy in Cusco that I can take it to so I`ll have it next week. So, be prepared for double pictures next week!

Camryn Grace born 29 April 2015

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