Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Los Uros del Lago Titicaca

Hello! Just a short note to say hello since I saw everybody yesterday! Also, I´m sending a million pictures of our trip to Los Uros. Look them up. 

Love you!

*I'm putting in a link for Los Uros - they are floating, man made islands from a pre-Incan society, the reeds rot from the bottom and need to be replaced from the top at least every three years.


¡Los Uros!

The elders just picking up houses and moving them around.
No big deal or anything.

They wouldn't let us help . . .

. . . the sisters doing our part!

I match my earrings with my fanny pack ;)

Going back home :(

P-day in Cusco

Chili's after console!

Just hiked to a waterfall for p-day today - kind of pretty :)

Aftermath, victory shot!

Just pretending that I"m actually Elizabeth Bennet just standing on the edges of cliffs in England.

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