Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two Weeks of Pictures

Family History Fair

That one time I burned my leg on a heater . . . 
Oh yeah . . . bruises are from walking up hills all week with my boots. And also soccer... and other things. I`ve accepted the fact that I´ll never have pretty legs again.

My main man Andre!

A family we got to visit in Juliaca. The girl in the green coat just got back from her mission and her little sister, the one in the blue coat, just got her call to Argentina. So it was fun to talk to them :)

El mejor distrito. 
This is Vicki. She didn`t want to take the picture, but I caught her laughing.

Her two sons. I was trying to teach them to make fish faces. Eddy (the older) started to get the hang of it. Ludwin (the younger) was just too cool for us I guess...

Making lunch with one of our converts.


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