Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yayyyy!! Just kidding, But I would have loved to see how you would have reacted. Nope, not extending. But that would be cool. Still just working hard and going strong. Every day passes by faster than the last, but that´s alright. 

This week was another crazy one. Go figure. That seems to be a nice pattern. We were here in Puno working like normal on Tuesday. We found ourselves a little lost because our appointments fell through and were left with no solid plans. We decided to go visit an active member that we´ve never visited before. His name is Aquilino. We chatted for a little bit and asked if there was anything we could do for him and his family before we left. He paused and told us to hang on a second and he´d be right back. He came back with two of the people that live in the same apartment building and told us that he wanted us to teach them. Both SOLID investigators. We were/are pretty excited. Every time we talk to him now he has new people for us to visit. Yesterday he brought another friend to church and the elders are working with him. Basically, Aquilino is our new best friend.

Wednesday through Saturday we were in Cusco and Sicuani. Normal stuff. Consilio and more visits. Always fun and always something new to learn, but a little more stressfull than usual this time because we weren´t working in our sector all week. But it´s all good. Do what ya gotta do. 

Sunday was a good day. All our appointments fell through. Again. But we met some cool new people. THREE families in our ward brought their friends out of the blue! And all three of them (their friends) are excited about learning about the gospel. We have a family home evening with one of them tonight and appintments during the week with the other two.

So, things are kind of slow in our sector right now, but things are looking good. We should have some really great new investigators in these next couple days.

Also, couldn´t finish the email without a little shoutout to Clay and Alisha! The pictures are beautiful and it looks/sounds like it was a good day for everybody. Couldn´t be happier for them! Excited to meet her :) 

Love you all. I feel like I´m getting lazy with writing emails lately, so sorry if they´re boring. I´ll try to be more creative next week. 

Con amor,
Hna Condie

This is Zaturnina.  She sells candy on the side of the road.  We always stop by and buy Argentina alfajores often enough that now we're pretty much best friend.  she doesn't live in our sector, but the sisters where she lives have started teaching her :)

I'll be honest . . . one of the only reasons I send the console pictures is just because it's the only day of the month that i get to wear cute clothes . . .

Also, it's the only day I get to see two of my favorite people in the mission. Hna Hunter is in Abancay and Hna Guajardo is in Cusco.

Went to Sicuani. Saw Hna Hill :) for probably the last time here in Peru :(

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