Wednesday, July 22, 2015

7/20 Oh Hey!

Hello after another super week here in Puno! I swear, every week just gets better and better.

We started this week at the beach of Charcas. Not exactly sure where that is to be honest, somewhere between Puno and Juli. I don´t know if y'all remember from about a year or so ago (when I was still in Puerto), but President decided to have another zone conference outside of the chapel instead of being cooped up all day. It was pretty great. Sorry I don´t have more pictures tho. It got really cold so we finished the conference all squished in the bus and didn´t get to go back out to take pictures. In my opinion, the only thing worse than being in the cold is being in a bus. But it´s all good. It was still a really incredible conference. As always, President and Sister Harbertson gave General Conference worthy messages (still convinces he´ll be the prophet someday). He talked a lot about the priesthood and the diferent roles that we as sisters and elders play in making everything that we need to make happen as a team rather than one and the other. She focused on the Atonement and the different ways we need to learn how to apply it everyday in our lives and missions. Entonces, great talks, beautiful beaches, no complaints!

Apart from the conference, it was just another normal sister leader week. We did divisions with three sets of sisters. I got to be in our sector only one of those days, aaaaand, nothing happened. Unless you count doors being slammed in faces and complete rejection as something exciting . . . But hey, it happens. I got to spend the day with a new sister here in Puno so it was fun to get to know her. 

The other two days I was in Inca Pachacutec and Huascar. Doesn´t really mean much to y'all probably, but they are the two steepest sectors in probably the whole mission. And I had a cold. So that was fun. I pretty sure I came closer to dying those two days than I have at any other point in my mission. But I´m better now and it´s something to smile about. Thank goodness for patient missionaries who can put up with me walking slow and sitting down every half hour. 

Finished the week with a bang! The stake has been planning a dance festival (that sounds weird in English . . . Festival de Danzas) for about two months. I´ve never seen an activity so, well, big since I was in the States. There were about 200 investigators there watching and about 100 more dancing with the YM/YW and YSA. Now we just need to sort out all of the tickets and give them to the right missionaries. 

New investigators. Musical numbers in church. Sunshine and not freezing to death at night. No more cold. Italian food (Peruvian style, but still). Lots of things to be happy about in Puno right now!

Pretty much describes my life.   Trying to enjoy P-day, but being pulled away thanks to the cell phone . . .

Yay! Feeling like we're kids and spending all day last week at the giant slide!

Some of the boys from our ward before they danced.

Festival de Danzas

Paoala and Karen.  These two girls are basically like my little sisters.

More Dancing

Nelly took us out for pizza :)

All the sisters at our zone conference this week.

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