Monday, September 8, 2014

Felix Como un Lombriz 9/1/2014

Have I used this title before? Yes or no, doesn`t matter. I`m happy like a worm right now.

Minus the fact that the internet keeps going out and I keep losing everything... this is the choppy/stressed out version of what I wanted to send.

Basically, everything is great! Jhasmina and Yersin got MARRIED!! And he got baptized right after! It was SO good. They`re so happy. And we`re so happy for them. They`re already doing so much for this little branch as a "new" young couple.

President and Sister Harbertson came this week, too. Every time they come it`s like a mini general conference. I`d give you details on that but again, time is cut a little short this week. 

I got the package and I LOVE it. Yall are the best. Thank you :):) 

This is a little request for everybody- friends and family and anyone who reads the blog who feels so inclined :)

I`m doing a little project, and I would love if you could send me stories/TESTIMONIES about how the goepel has blessed or changed your life. Missions. Day to day life. Whatever you want! Just something. And if you could, send each story in it`s own email :) Please and thank you with a cherry on top! And really, everyone. Member, nonmember, friends or strangers. I was going to send out a special email to certain people, but there were WAY to many. I figured this was more affective. 

Thank you for all the support and love. I appreciate everything yall do for me and the work!


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