Monday, September 15, 2014

Toto . . . We're not in Puerto anymore!

Well, Cusco and Puerto are about as similar as Mars and Pluto. Lots of cars and buildings and people that actually wear clothing. It´s nice. It´s cold. The people are a lot more city-like and closed off but they´re good people. 

I´m in a trio with Hna Camacho (from Mexico) and Hna Liza (from Lima). They were together last transfer and I just got added in. Hna Camacho has a broken leg right now tho so she stays with members all day while Hna Liza and I work. So I´m only kind of in a trio I guess... I got here and there was nothing happening in the sector because they could never leave because of her leg. It´s been kind of a rough week. Hna Liza is a good missionary. We don´t really click yet. I learned that if I do stupid things like dance around or sing to her sometimes she´ll laugh at me and we can be friends for a little bit. Teaching is a little rough. We defnitely need to work on our balance/unity/trust as we teach. Slowly but surely. Keep you updated!

As for Cusco question.
// The trip was rough. Very long and windy. But beautiful. Very beautiful!!
// The weather is great! It´s nice to not be sweating from every part of my body. I´m definitely loving my sweaters and blankets!
// We live in an apartment with two other companionships. It´s pretty fun! There´s more girls in this apartment than there were in my entire zone in Puerto. I'm in the middle of the city. Our pensionista lives on the floor below us, but right now she only does lunch so we cook our own dinner...

So far so good. I miss Puerto a lot. Like, a lot a lot. But I´m trying to love Cusco just as much. Haven´t hit that point yet, but someday. 
Matt 10:39-40

Sounds like things are great at home!! There´s nothing better to hear than that yáll are happy :)
Love you so much!


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