Monday, September 8, 2014


HOLD THE PHONE! HANG ON A SECOND. NOBODY MOVE. IT`S TRANSFER WEEK?!?!?! And I have a change to CUSCO:( I literally just want to cry right now. I love Puerto and I never want to leave!!! They tell you to put your heart in it and love the people. Then right when everything is going PERFECTLY and you feel like you really have a spot and your companion and you are best friends, He tells you to leave. I`m excited for Cusco. But I`m very surprised right now. And yeah, a little bit sad. I know it`s God`s plan for me to be there and there are going to be amazing things in Cusco too. Just, ahhh, my heart doesn`t want to leave Puerto.

I have so many amazing things to say about this week. But I feel like I`m going to break down and start bawling at the computer if I start talking about all of them. So I`m not gonna do that. But we really saw lots of miracles this week. All the way from just finding people in the street to seeing Yersin`s face when he received the priesthood. Lots of good things are happening in Puerto. Hna. Nelson and her new companion are going to do lots of good here!

So yeah, I`m sure I`ll have lots to say in next week`s email. Today`s going to be hard. But I`m excited to move forward.

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