Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another week in Cusco

Well, another week in Cusco. Looking back, I realize I didn´t tell you a whole lot about what´s going on here last week. Still, not a whole lot. But I forgot one kind of major thing...

We´re working with a really cool family right now. They have been taking the lessons for a couple months and I just came in the middle of everything. Parents (Alicia and Crisotomo) and four daughters (Keiko, Sharmely, Shela, and Kharla). Pretty ideal for missionary standards! They are seriously some of the coolest people I´ve met. It´s almost like everything we teach they already know because they´re so ready and prepared for the gospel! So, big news, the parents are getting married this Friday and the whole family is getting baptized on Saturday. Yeah, should be a pretty great weekend! 

In other news, this is lame, but there wasn´t a lot of work going on for us this week. Let me explain. Tuesday we had a multizone conference with President Harbertson all day. Always the best days of the change cycle by the way. On Wednesday I was taking Hna Camacho to the hospital and right before we got in the door she fell on her bad leg. She fractured her leg (still don´t know if she´ll go home yet or not) and I stayed in the hospital with her all day and over night. Not good. On the bright side tho, my bucket list goal of sleeping in the hospital with someone got checked off...

So yeah, the rest of the week was really slow. We´re working a lot with the family but lacking investigators outside of them. Hopefully this week things can pick up.

I´m loving Cusco. The hermanas in our apartment are so fun!! Seven of us - only me and one other North American. It´s pretty fun. There´s ALWAYS something going on. A little crazy. But sometimes that´s a good thing :)

Things are still very rough with Hna Liza. But hey, couldn´t go too long without a hard companion. Hopefully we can figure things out sooner or later... She´s great. We just don´t mesh very well. It´s cool. 

Stay safe and stay happy!
Love you all!!

That one day we hiked the Andes Mountains!

This place is called Tambomachay

Little bit of Cusco

Conference with the President

Just teaching some piano :)

Two of the sisters

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  1. She's so awesome and doing so great! Give her our best!!!
    Love the Brady's